Creative Wooden 5th Anniversary Presents for Men + a JORD Watch Giveaway!

5th Anniversary Presents for men can be tricky, but there are actually a lot of great options out there!

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I can’t believe it, but as of this coming spring, I will have been married for *five whole years*. Where did the time go?! And while I don’t always adhere to the suggested traditional anniversary gift ideas, it seemed like it might be pretty easy to stick to the traditional 5th anniversary presents made of wood this year.

I mean…what can’t you make with wood?

So that got me thinking about some really snazzy 5th anniversary present ideas for men, and the Internet did not disappoint with all of the great options out there! Here are a few of my favorites:

1.  A JORD Wooden Watch

The Dover series Jord watch in Olive & Acadia makes a great 5th anniversary present. (Thanks, Jord!)

The Dover series watch in Olive & Acadia makes a great 5th anniversary present. (Thanks, Jord!)

JORD Watches (pronounced like “Yoda” but without the “a”) are luxury, one-of-a-kind wooden watches. If your husband is a watch-fanatic like mine is, then this is an absolutely phenomenal way to spoil him for your anniversary!  JORD was nice enough to provide me with a sample watch (thanks JORD!), and I was pretty blown away with the quality and craftsmanship. The bands are made from sustainable wood sources, while the mechanism is that of a traditional timepiece. Men’s watches start at $139 and go up to $549, depending on the model you select.

Even better, JORD is offering a special giveaway just for Mrs. Millennial readers! Enter by November 12, 2017! 

Follow this link to enter a contest to win $100 towards your very own JORD watch. While only one lucky winner will take home the $100 gift certificate, EVERY reader who enters the contest will receive a code for $25 off their own JORD purchase once the contest ends. You can’t beat that!

2.  A Wooden Cigar Humidor

If a watch is slightly out of your price range, another great wooden 5th anniversary present option is a traditional wood cigar humidor. This model, the top selling cigar humidor on Amazon, holds up to 50 cigars and also features a dial so you can see the exact conditions inside the box. In fact, my own hubby owns this same model and it has held up extremely well for years.

3.  A Personalized Wooden Spirits Aging Barrel

If alcohol is more your man’s vice, then why not get him his own oak barrel for aging spirits like whiskey, rum, or even wine? Barrel-aged spirits tend to have a more complex, deep flavor, meaning that you can make cheap alcohol taste a whole lot better by aging them in this way. What would be better than preparing an Old Fashioned with your very own barrel-aged Rye? I know tons of guys who would love this.

4. Wooden Cufflinks Made from a Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel

Another fun alcohol-themed wooden present for your man are cufflinks cut from actual whiskey barrels used in the production of Jack Daniels. After being cut from the barrel, the cufflinks are covered in a durable clear-coat polyurethane to prevent them from staining your clothes. They also come with a Certificate of Authenticity, so your guy can feel confident bragging about them to his whiskey-loving friends as well.

5. Real Wooden Macbook Laptop Cover

If your hubby has more of a technological bent, then there’s a fun solution for that too: a wooden Macbook cover! This would actually be perfect in my house, because my husband and I both use Macbooks for work, and have (on more than one occasion…) accidentally taken each other’s computer. Plus, it’s a nice, durable cover to protect your laptop far more than just a typical vinyl sticker cover.

So what do you think? With so many excellent wooden options out there, I feel like the 5th anniversary has a lot of potential to be a great one. Don’t forget to enter that JORD watch giveaway above, and share with me in the comments what you did for your 5th anniversary presents!


  • The Jord watch looks awesome. Love such transparent watch looks. Would’nt mind one either:)

  • Suzanna Pittman

    Definitely the JORD or the laptop cover. Although we’re just on #4. We’re coming for your record!!

  • I love JORD watches and how they have something for both genders. Plus as it is wooden as opposed to leather the watches are cruelty free as well!

  • miieloise

    This whisky barrel is a fantastic idea! I can think of a few friends who would LOVE that! I wonder how big it is…!

  • Jhilmil Bhansali

    Fantastic ideas, loved Wooden Cufflinks Made from a Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel and MAC book cover. Looked so different with a classy wood feel.

  • Shell

    These are handsome watches. They would make a lovely gift for any holiday….

  • Shawna🌸|WHHblog

    I really like the suggestions you have here. The watch has a very attractive look and those cuff links are quite classy.

  • Prateek Goel

    Attractive and classy watches. I love the idea of whisky wood haha. This wooden present is worth giving. JORD…. fantastic.

  • Oh thanks for this. Christmas is coming and I have a few guy friends who I definitely need to figure out what to get them. I just love the craftmanship on the Jord watches. Gorgeous!

  • I actually love the wooden watch! My hubby doesn’t wear watches, but this looks like something my Dad might have worn (sadly, he’s been gone for over 15 years). I also like the wooden laptop cover! I also have a MacBook and I’m only using the aforementioned vinyl cover. Too bad the wooden cover is so expensive!

  • Victoria Moore

    These are great! I just got my husband a Jord watch and he LOVES it! I definitely recommend that one myself.