Video: Unboxing our Woot Bag of Crap

We bought two "bags of crap" from Woot, and this is what they contained.

We recently had the opportunity to order two “Bags of Crap” from deal-of-the-day website,, in celebration of their 13th birthday.

Now — what is a Bag of Crap, you ask, and why would anyone want one? Well, it could be anything they had lying around in the Woot wearhouse. And as for the why: the best I can describe it is that it’s kind of like playing Let’s Make a Deal…you might get the brand new living room set…or you might be stuck with a pile of old tires.

As Woot has grown (and is now part of Amazon) the Bags of Crap have taken on a near-mythical status, thanks to Woot occasionally throwing in plenty of non-crappy items, like tvs, computers and gaming systems. Unboxing videos are common. We even saw one with a guy who got a whole pallet of crap, containing 74 items! These things sell out in seconds, usually. Their unveiling has crashed Woot’s servers on multiple occasions. They have quite the cult following.

So what will be contained in our magical $10 bags of crap? Watch the video to see:

In other words….a whole lot of crap! Looks like we’ll have a Goodwill trip in our near future, to make a few donations 🙂 So would I recommend a Bag of Crap? Well, it certainly isn’t very Mustachian. But it was a fun way to spend $10, so I give it crap-tastic two thumbs up.


  • This is actually pretty cool! I’ve never heard of Woot or Bag of Crap before, but now I want to jump on the bandwagon and get a bag next time. Seems like a good idea for a gag gift too! Or someone who’s hard to shop for. lol

  • Sona Sethi

    This is such an interesting idea. I never heard of Bag of crap concept before and this is a great way to sell your stuff.

  • Lol I have never heard of the bag of crap concept but how cool would it be if you actually got something cool like a TV. I would quite happily like a new camera please!

    • Yes – one year, they actually gave away some cash in the bundles too. Now that would have been awesome!

  • lol I’ve never heard of this but I think I’d love it! I love opening parcels not knowing what you’re getting but I’m not sure how I’d handle the disappointment haha

  • Divyanka Krsna

    Wow! I’ve never heard of something like this. It seems worth a try! And that’s because it’s just $10, it’s affordable as well as interesting and fun to explore!