Fun DIY Housewarming Gift: Bloody Mary Easter Basket

DIY housewarming gift basket full of bloody mary ingredients

One of my best friends recently moved into a brand new custom-built house. The process was arduous, with her spending months picking each and every detail and overseeing (and occasionally correcting) the construction along the way. But after a many month process, she is now happily settling in to her new place, and invited us over for an Easter brunch.

Knowing that we didn’t want to show up empty-handed, I set out to find a housewarming gift. Except, as this wasn’t her first house, I knew she already had most of the “stuff” one might traditionally give for a housewarming present. So I needed to get a bit creative.

That got me thinking…since this was an Easter brunch, why not an Easter basket? And what goodies would come in a grown-up Easter basket? The answer seemed pretty clear to me: Booze.

With that, the idea for a bloody mary themed Easter basket was born. So, I stopped by the grocery store and gathered our favorite local bloody mary mix, Zing Zang, celery, limes, hot sauce, horseradish, stuffed olives, and some flavored rimming salt, and then swung by the liquor store to grab the finishing touch, a bottle of Tito’s Vodka.

We pulled an old wicker basket out of our garage (I think this had been part of a birthday or Christmas present we received at some point…), added a bit of Easter “grass” leftover from our Christmas baskets in 2015, and then stacked all the goodies in so that they looked good and were clearly visible.

And voila – I now had a fun and festive housewarming gift that I knew my friend would actually use. Best of all, it took very little time to assemble (seeing as how I had to go to the grocery store anyways), and she can reuse the pretty wicker basket even once the goodies inside are finished.

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