Home Improvement 101: Faking Recessed Lighting

The house my hubby and I call home was built in 1982, and so like many homeowners whose houses were created in this era of tackiness, I’ve been on a mission to eliminate the outdated and garish decor elements from my home for sometime now.

This has included getting rid of brass hinges and doorknobs, almost completely redoing our kitchen, changing out faucets on all the vanities, etc.

And today, one of the last holdouts of ugliness has fallen!

Our upstairs hallway featured three of the ugliest, brassiest, (most-likely) cheapest light fixtures around.  We had wanted to replace these with can lights/recessed lighting for quite some time, but because that requires climbing in the attic, moving insulation around, potentially some drywall repair…we’d been putting it off.

But then, lo and behold, when the hubby went to Lowe’s to buy birdseed yesterday, he stumbled across a set of ultra low-profile (less than an inch!), LED-powered lights in a brushed chrome finish.  They were perfect!  A pair of two only cost $40, and each light took him less than five minutes to install. They’re even dimmable and approved for use in wet locations, if you’re fancy.

So now, we have the look of recessed lighting, with almost none of the effort or expense.  Renovation win!