When life hands you oranges…make Triple Sec


Yep, that’s what 8 pints of triple sec in the making looks like

Recently, some good friends of us dropped off a large basket of citrus. They had agreed to purchase the fruit through a neighborhood fundraiser but found they received way more citrus than they knew what to do with.

So, knowing that I do weird kitchen stuff often, they called me.

I considered making marmalade or syrup, but didn’t really feel like breaking out all the canning gear again so quickly. But, a google search turned up an even better option – homemade Triple Sec.

I used this recipe, however, I found that my oranges made about 4 cups of OJ, not 2.  So, I just doubled the rest of the ingredients and went to town.  All told, this made eight pints of triple sec mixture.

Currently, they’re sitting in my utility room, curing, but in about a month, we’ll strain and rebottle them, and hand them out to friends and family for use in margaritas, cosmopolitans, and sidecars.  Cheers!