Update on our Wicking Raised Bed Garden

IMG_2361It’s been a few months since we shared the process of how we built our wicking raised bed garden in the front yard, and we’re in full harvest season!

We typically get this sort of bounty about 3x a week. We went ahead and tore out our remaining lettuces last month, as the heat had made them too bitter for salads. We replaced the lettuces with a serrano pepper and all three of our pepper plants— poblano, serrano, and jalapeno — are finally starting to grown and thrive with the recent heat wave.

Speaking of the heat wave, even though our bed waters up from the bottom, we’ve found we’re still needing to refill the reservoir at least once a day. It’s hot! And our tomatoes in particular are very thirsty.

So what’s next in the garden?  We’ll continue to enjoy tomatoes and pole beans through the summer, though our strawberries are likely almost done. Peppers should set fruit and start ripening up next month, and that’s also when we’ll take our first big basil harvest to turn into pesto. And then we’re basically in hibernation mode through September!