DIY Garden Signs: Grilling Skewers + Wine Cork


As I bragged about yesterday, we’ve finally completed our wicking raised bed garden – a project I’ve been wanting to undertake for a couple years now!  When all was said and done with veggies in the dirt, the hubby pointed out that it might be nice to add garden signs for what each thing is.

We looked online, and while there are plenty of options out there to buy, they all seemed somewhat pricey to me considering I was just going to stick them in the dirt. So, I started looking around the house at what we might already have – and because we like our wine and recycle our cork, we had tons of old wine corks sitting out in a ziploc in the garage.


Add a sharpie and a wooden grilling skewer (we had these in the pantry, but you can buy them for a couple bucks in the grilling aisle of your grocery store) and voila!  Garden signs were born.

Yay for upcycling and not having to go over the budget for my garden!