Lattice Top Pies Look Hard, But Are Really Easy


Pie has a bad reputation.  For whatever reason, people think it’s this super complicated thing that’s really hard to get right.

Newsflash: it’s not.  Making a crust from scratch is pretty straightforward (pro tip-use lard instead of butter!) But pie is also one of those things that’s ridiculously easy to do on a “semi” homemade basis that’ll still end up tasting great.  So when the hubby requested his favorite blueberry pie today, I didn’t break out my Kitchenaid – I broke out the refrigerated pie crusts and canned blueberry filling.  Easy peesy, and yet, I can post photos of the pie to Facebook and look like the friggin’ wife of the year.

IMG_1879If you really want to blow people’s minds, take it one step further – make a lattice top on your pie.  Something about the woven look BLOWS PEOPLE’S MINDS.  And yet just like pie, it’s really easy.

The secret?  You don’t actually weave anything.  Lay all your vertical pieces down, and then fold half of them back over on themselves.  Then, add your first horizontal piece.

IMG_1880Once that’s down, unfold the vertical pieces back to normal, and now fold the alternate vertical pieces back over your first horizontal piece – now add your second horizontal piece, and so forth.

After your lattice top is complete, tuck all the loose lattice ends in between the bottom crust and the baking dish, then smoosh them all to make a fluted crust (or go crazy and do something even fancier).

IMG_1881People will think you’ve done some voodoo and stolen Martha Stewart’s soul if you turn up to a party with a lattice-top pie.  Just go with it.  No one needs to know it only took you five minutes of prep work to make the whole thing. The secret’s safe with me.